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Precautions for adjustment of double planetary mixer

2021-10-03 13:46:05

After people ordered a double planet mixer, it is convenient to ensure that the mechanical equipment can operate normally. It also needs to be adjusted before it is released for use. However, since we are not sure about mechanical equipment, it is difficult to adjust it. Matters needing attention during adjustment of the double planet mixer are for everyone's training and learning reference.

The first thing to do is to connect the switching power supply circuit to see if the grounding connection of mechanical equipment is normal. After starting the double planet mixer, check whether the rotation direction of its large planet carrier is clockwise. If it rotates in the opposite direction, it means that the electrical connection is wrong, and the switching power supply circuit should be connected again.

Then, the feeding of the double planet mixer barrel is sent to the motor shaft, and the mechanical equipment can be started only after the barrel is fixed and sealed, so as to prevent the rotation of the large planet carrier from causing harm to the workers in the operation process. If the raw material has the necessity of mechanical pump defoaming, you also need to check whether the water storage tank of the mechanical equipment is full before you can start the vacuum pump. In addition, it also depends on whether the air tightness of the vacuum pump is of high quality. If there is steam leakage, it must be corrected immediately. Pay attention to the sequence when closing the vacuum pump, and be sure to check the stop valve.

The double planet mixer also needs to be removed after use, but try to prevent the risk of safety accidents on the premise of power failure. Moreover, as the operation process, the staff should pay attention to that when the planetary mixer is running, do not put your hand into the barrel. We should also have encountered the painful lessons caused by similar mistakes. If abnormal phenomena are found during the operation of the double planet mixer, it is also necessary to stand by for inspection immediately to prevent common problems from becoming more serious.


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