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Professional manufacturer of planetary mixer

Excellent enterprise of planetary mixer!   Hotline:138-1250-5518

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Professional manufacturer of planetary mixer

Excellent enterprise of planetary mixer!   Hotline:138-1250-5518


Wuxi Jiuming Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, the hinterland of China's Yangtze River Delta and the beautiful shore of Taihu Lake. Founded in 2009, the company has a scientific research team composed of high-end professionals and a technological innovation enterprise integrating R & D, design, production, sales and service. With years of continuous improvement of innovative experience, the company has been committed to the development of new equipment and products required by the pharmaceutical industry, pharmacy, cosmetics, skin care products, daily necessities, biotechnology, chemical industry, food, toothpaste, agricultural pesticides, adhesives and other industries, and provides customers with perfect personalized products and solutions. 


  • Advantages of double planetary mixer
    Advantages of double...

    What are the advantages of double planet mixer?1. The (ladder like) soft sealing between the mechanical seal and the kettle...

  • Key points of type selection of double planetary mixer
    Key points of type...

    What are the key points for the selection of double planetary mixer?1. For raw materials with fine particle size distribution,...

  • Internal structure of double planetary mixer
    Internal structure of...

    Double planet mixer is a kind of equipment for material mixing, which is used for raw materials with high viscosity and high...

  • Precautions for adjustment of double planetary mixer
    Precautions for adjustment...

    After people ordered a double planet mixer, it is convenient to ensure that the mechanical equipment can operate normally. It...

  • Application scope of planetary mixer
    Application scope of...

    Nowadays, many production and processing sites can use the application of planetary mixer. The formulation and production of...

  • Stability of planetary mixer
    Stability of planetary mixer

    Because the planetary mixer has a high stability effect in the application link, it can achieve different mixing actual effects...

  • Application scope of double planetary mixer
    Application scope of double...

    What is the application scope of double planetary mixer?1. Electric energy: various rechargeable battery slurry and paste...

  • Principle of double planetary mixer
    Principle of double...

    Double planet mixer is the key machine and equipment for mixing materials. It selects low-speed and fast mixing components for...

  • Mixing effect of double planetary mixer
    Mixing effect of double...

    The actual mixing effect of the double planet mixer is excellent, mainly in the following aspects:1. The storage tank can be...



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