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Key points of type selection of double planetary mixer

2021-10-03 13:59:18

What are the key points for the selection of double planetary mixer?

1. For raw materials with fine particle size distribution, pay attention to the sealing characteristics of production equipment and carefully consider its content. For example, when mixing wheat flour with a two shaft paddle weight-loss mixer, the 90 ° total length door opening and closing, blowing self-cleaning system software, inclined holding feed door and bearing end cover gas sealing structure should be selected at the same time, so as to better ensure sealing and reduce residual.

2. For raw materials with different proportions, except that the structural strength and output power of the mixing equipment are different, there are often large differences in the structural forms such as discharge door, motor rotor and human body, as well as the performance indexes such as speed ratio, which can not be simply and clearly regarded as partial reinforcement or output power reduction.

3. The manufacturer of double planet mixer suggests that the hazards of other unique components to the selection of machinery and equipment should be considered in an all-round way. If the fluidity is poor or the amount of liquid is large, the plow, dart, crushing roller and other organizations with good cutting mixing force can be effectively selected according to the actual situation; The unit with rapid damage shall carry out wear-resistant solution or design scheme into adjustable combination, disassembly and replacement.


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