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Internal structure of double planetary mixer

2021-10-03 13:53:06

Double planet mixer is a kind of equipment for material mixing, which is used for raw materials with high viscosity and high density. It can complete various processing processes such as melting, mixing and rubber mixing. It can be applied to chemical plants, food, electronic devices, pharmaceutical industry, decorative building materials and other industries. Let's take a look at the relevant contents of double planet mixer:

What is the internal structure of the double planet mixer?

1. The double planetary mixer is driven by worm gear, and the thick body mixer is equipped with low-speed mixing component and fast dispersion component. The low-speed mixing component is driven by gear transmission, and the mixing paddle rotates at a uniform speed during rotation, so that the raw materials can exercise left and right, and achieve the desired mixing effect in a short time.

2. The fast dispersing component rotates together with the large planet carrier, and at the same time, it runs at high speed, obviously cutting and dispersing raw materials, and its actual effect is multiple times that of the general mixer.


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