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1000L double planet mixing mixer

1000L double planet mixing mixer

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  • release date:2021-10-30 21:45:20
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Sxhj-1000l double planet mixing mixer

Structure description:

Sxhj-1000l double planetary mixer is composed of reduction motor, cover, planet carrier, agitator, wall scraper, material barrel, single column hydraulic lifting system, vacuum system and frame. It is a new and efficient mixing device developed on the basis of digesting and absorbing advanced technology at home and abroad.

working principle:

When the planet carrier rotates, it drives the three mixing and dispersion shafts in the box to revolve around the axis of the barrel and rotate at high speed, so that the materials are strongly sheared and kneaded to achieve the purpose of full dispersion and mixing; There is a wall scraping knife on the planet carrier, which rotates with the star carrier and scrapes closely against the barrel wall, so that there is no residual material on the barrel wall and improves the mixing effect. The mixing time is controlled by the user according to the different properties of materials and can be adjusted through the control panel. The cover and planetary agitator are raised and lowered by single column hydraulic pressure, and the operation is flat, hidden, fast and light.


The device can work under vacuum and can continuously discharge water and other volatiles. Therefore, it can be used as a degassing kettle. The material barrel can be heated or cooled by oil and water circulation as required; Steam heating can also be used. The heating temperature is displayed by the temperature controller on the control panel.


Because the device has good mixing, shearing and dispersion functions, and is especially suitable for the dispersion and mixing of solid-solid phase, solid-liquid phase and liquid-liquid phase, it can be widely used in chemical industry, food, light industry, pharmacy, building materials and other industries.


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