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  • release date:2021-10-30 20:15:35
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Features: hydraulic press is the supporting equipment of planetary mixer or strong disperser. Its function is to discharge or sub pack the high viscosity rubber produced by the mixer. The manufacturer of double planet mixer believes that the equipment is composed of hydraulic system, frame, lifting support frame and control box. Its features are: the hydraulic cylinder can be adjusted arbitrarily within the pressure range of 0-20mpa at all levels, the piston rod can stay at any position, and can work continuously under pressure maintaining and stabilizing; The pressure plate rubber ring is in contact with the barrel wall in the container (vacuum defoaming device can be equipped), so that the materials do not return outward, and the materials in the container can be discharged without retention; The lifting support is lifted to the top position by hydraulic pressure, which is convenient for operators to do separate work. It has the characteristics of simple structure and convenient operation.

Main technical parameters:

Pressure plate diameter: 800 (mm)

Motor power: 4kw

Lifting height: 800mm

Lifting mode: Hydraulic

Hydraulic pressure: 0-25mpa

Overall dimension: 2000 х one thousand and five hundred х two thousand and three hundred

Weight: 1200kg


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