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Sealing agent filling and capping equipment

Sealing agent filling and capping equipment

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  • release date:2021-10-27 14:47:18
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Creak sealer stirring device:

Beauty joint agent is a new decoration building material. Many manufacturers suffer from not having the right equipment to produce. Because this product needs three different mixing forms: medium speed, low speed and high speed to achieve homogeneous effect. The sewing agent filling and capping equipment manufacturer's new sewing agent mixer has been proved by customer practice that this equipment is very suitable for the production of this product. This type of equipment is specialized in the production of sewing agent. The sealant mixer is an efficient and multi-functional machine. This mixer has two main motors. There are different forms of agitators in the mixing kettle. There are low-speed and medium speed with hanging wall (variable frequency speed regulation). Among them, a high-speed agitator acts as shear dispersion in the kettle, making the materials move complex in the kettle and subject to strong shear and kneading. The inner frame of the machine is equipped with Teflon scraper to scrape out the raw materials adhered to the wall and bottom, making the effect more ideal. The equipment has good sealing, vacuum pumping and good exhaust and defoaming effect. The cylinder cover of the equipment can be raised and lowered hydraulically, and the cylinder body can move freely, which is very convenient to operate. The agitator can be multi-layer paddle type, frame type, butterfly type, impeller type, etc. according to the material requirements. Frequency conversion speed regulation is usually used to meet various process requirements.


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