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Advantages of double planetary mixer

2021-10-03 14:29:28

What are the advantages of double planet mixer?

1. The (ladder like) soft sealing between the mechanical seal and the kettle body enables the material to work in a vacuum environment.

2. The can body can be heated repeatedly according to electricity, steam, water and oil. The special temperature measuring equipment on the rotating shaft can ensure that the temperature deviation of the data is less than 1 ℃, and is equipped with a collet to complete heating and cooling.

3. The barrel body wall is deeply processed by large and medium-sized lathes, and then fully polished by large and medium-sized grinding and polishing machines to ensure that the objects on the outer wall of the barrel body are completely hung when the theme movable scraper on the large planetary shelf rotates.

4. The mixing paddle in the barrel structure of the double planetary mixer rotates at a uniform speed during rotation, so as to make the left and right peripheral fluidity of raw materials and realize the actual effect of mixing (mixing) in a short time, which is more than ten times that of the general mixer.


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