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Principle of double planetary mixer

2021-10-03 14:37:16

Double planet mixer is the key machine and equipment for mixing materials. It selects low-speed and fast mixing components for mixing, and can be suitable for the mixing of various articles. So do you know what its mechanism is and what its application fields are? Let's introduce this problem in detail below!

What is the mechanism of double planetary mixer?

1. The thickener agitator is equipped with low-speed mixing components and fast dispersion components. The low-speed mixing components are driven by gears, and the mixing paddle rotates at a uniform speed during rotation to move the raw materials left and right, so as to achieve the desired mixing effect in a short time.

2. The fast dispersing part rotates together with the large planet carrier, and at the same time, it rotates at a fast and uniform speed, so that the raw materials are severely cut and dispersed and mixed, and its actual effect is multiple times that of the general mixer. The decentralized parts are divided into single decentralized shaft and double decentralized shaft, which can be selected by customers according to their needs.

3.2 double frame mixing devices rotate on the can body at the same time, which can vacuum packaging, heating and refrigeration, and adjust the speed ratio according to the specific situation. Several vertical mixers can operate with one machine and multiple barrels, and the press is more convenient for feeding.


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