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Application scope of double planetary mixer

2021-10-03 14:39:40

What is the application scope of double planetary mixer?

1. Electric energy: various rechargeable battery slurry and paste (lithium battery, nickel chromium battery, nickel hydrogen rechargeable battery, hydrogen fuel cell, power lithium battery, etc.).

2. Electronic and electrical: solder paste, porcelain slurry, permanent magnet materials, silicone rubber black ink, electronic device adhesive, polyethylene plastic, electronic and electrical potting adhesive, thermosol, all kinds of precious metal powder and slurry.

3. Chemicals: various sealants, adhesives, anti-corrosion coatings, vulcanized rubber, printing ink, putty powder, crude wax (cream), wax products, styrene butadiene rubber, anti-corrosion coatings, various powdered raw materials and ceramic pigments.

4. Pharmaceutical industry: the double planet mixer is applied to all kinds of creams, high polymer suspected glue (Pharmaceutical paste, children's fever relief paste, cold paste, ice paste, eye protection paste) and tooth paste.

5. skin care products, daily chemicals: moisturizing cream, lipstick, moisturizing lotion, doubtful glue, water replenishing mask, eye liner, foundation fluid, nail polish, whitening toothpaste, soap.

6. Ingredients: double planet mixer is used for all kinds of viscous and viscous mixtures, condiments, applesauce and chocolate paste.


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