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Fwj-6 silica gel filling and capping machine

Fwj-6 silica gel filling and capping machine

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  • release date:2021-10-30 20:23:43
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Fwj-6 silica gel filling and capping machine

(applicable to viscous adhesives such as glass adhesive and silica gel)

Fwj-6 silica gel filling and sealing (capping) machine is a new product carefully designed and developed by our factory according to the development needs of the adhesive industry. It is specially designed for viscous adhesive manufacturers using metal pipes and plastic pipes as packaging materials. This machine successfully solves the common problems of inaccurate measurement, tailing, wire drawing and so on caused by high viscosity, poor fluidity and micro leakage in the filling process. It is the choice of filling equipment for adhesive manufacturers.

Working process:

When in use, the machine shall be connected with the press. The viscous glue shall be pressed into the barrel of the filling machine through the press. The metal pipe or plastic pipe shall be manually inserted into the fixed seat. The container shall be raised to the bottom close to the filling nozzle by using the pneumatic device. During filling, the container shall be lowered synchronously to reduce the air bubble in the container. The filled pipe shall be manually moved to the gland, and the gland and tail sealing shall be completed at one time. It is suitable for viscous colloid filling and capping.

Structural features:

(aluminum tube filling and sealing machine)

The unique filling nozzle structure does not drip. At the same time, it is equipped with an inert gas filling device, which not only solves the common problems such as trailing wire drawing in the filling process, but also makes the materials not solidify in the filling and storage process. It can ensure the quality of products. It has the advantages of simple operation, practicality and reliability.

All parts of the machine contacting materials are made of high-quality stainless steel.

Main technical parameters:

1. Power supply voltage: AC 220V 50Hz

2. Production capacity 10-15 PCS / min (gland) 20-50 PCS / min (tail sealing)

3. Filling volume: 200-300ml

4. Measurement accuracy < 2%

5. Applicable plastic pipe diameter: Φ 40- Φ 50(mm)

6. Pneumatic pressure 4kg / cm ²

7. Overall dimension: 500 × five hundred × 1900(mm)

8. Air consumption: 0.1M ³/ min

9. Overall weight: 110kg


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